Summer is finally here... I think...

With summer here, the days are longer so that's great, but later shoots past 4, I can't guarantee the images will be back by morning unfortunately. 4pm-8pm shoots need the entire 24hrs for delivery.

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About Me

My name is Brandon! That's my cat Cali. I shoot interior/exterior stills, video, drone, Zillow 3D, Floor Plans, Matterport, etc. That's all I do ;)

Text me to schedule a shoot!

Matterport is becoming a lot more popular!

Matterport is a great way to show almost the entire property. Each room and area is captured or scanned using a 360 degree camera. Then, using the Matterport software all the scans are rendered into a beautiful, interactive tour. Matterport offers a lot more than Zillow 3D but they are similar in the way you click through the rooms. Matterport offers a more precise render, the dollhouse view, and other virtual viewing options. Click play above and you can test a basic property.

Vertical video's are great for social media!

I do a lot of research beforehand to assure I know what I'm looking at once I arrive. I like to walk to a high point on the property and get a feel for the area. Sometimes it's helpful to create a property video for these far away properties where it's difficult to get people to drive that far, or if you have to 4x4, or walk to see it. You get a better feel for what it's like to stand there, apposed to stills, which are great, but lack the depth of 4K video. Videos will normally get the right buyers to make the drive and hopefully make an offer on your listing