Brandon Mauth @ Everyday I'm HOVERIN "Picture Taker Guy"

2D Floor Plans ad a little extra perspective to your listings!

Some properties have "fun" layouts or sometimes its difficult to see the floor plan and layout from just the photos. Adding a 2D floor plan will ensure that buyers see the house from a couple perspectives.

Add outlines!

Adding outlines really shows the viewer what they are looking at. A lot of drone shots are not very clear of what you are looking at, could be a small area, could be the entire area, you never know without some property lines to give you a better idea.

Vertical video's are great for social media!

I do a lot of research beforehand to assure I know what I'm looking at once I arrive. I like to walk to a high point on the property and get a feel for the area. Sometimes it's helpful to create a property video for these far away properties where it's difficult to get people to drive that far, or if you have to 4x4, or walk to see it. You get a better feel for what it's like to stand there, apposed to stills, which are great, but lack the depth of 4K video. Videos will normally get the right buyers to make the drive and hopefully make an offer on your listing