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My name is Brandon! I shoot stills, video, drone, Matterport, etc

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Need drone stills or video of a remote location?

Maybe some outlines showing the property lines or maybe a de-saturated look. I use the ONX app to locate the property lines, I do a lot of research beforehand to assure I know what I'm looking at once I arrive. I like to walk to a high point and get a feel for the area. Sometimes it's nice to create a property video for these far away properties where its difficult to get people to drive that far. Videos normally get the right people to take the drive. You get a better feel for what it's like to stand there, apposed to stills, which are great, but lack the depth of 4K video.

Property video's get a lot of views!

Weather it's a walk through or an agent on cam (narrated) video, Videos get a lot of interaction and views on social media. Even if the property sells before the video is completed, these are great marketing content to post later too. Let's chat about how I can help you market your next listing!

Clark Fork, Idaho
Clark Fork, Idaho
Clark Fork, Idaho
Adventures, Drone, Nature, Travel

Clark Fork, Idaho

Great little morning adventure over to Clark Fork from a condo we were staying at near by. Clark Fork is a small town almost to Montana on the north-east side of Lake Pend Oreille. There’s a lot of wildlife in…

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