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Real Estate Photography & Video in Spokane

I provide real estate photography and marketing services in Spokane including interiors, exteriors, video tours, Zillow 3D tours, and aerial (drone) photography. I’m punctual and love what I do! Shoot me a text for availability.

Recent Work

All final deliverables are high resolution images with maximum detail, saturation, depth and exposure.

Normally photo shoots take about one hour and video adds 30-60min to the shoot. 24 hour turnaround for finished images, ready to upload to your listing.

HDR vs Hand Blended

All of my images are hand blended rather than HDR composites. Below is a sample of HDR vs Hand Blended. You can really see it in the windows, walls, and lights. It allows us to take multiple exposures and blend what we need where we need it so the lighting is even and the color is corrected.

Left: HDR Right: Hand Blended

Drone Photography

There’s a lot that “ground photography” can capture. On the other hand, some properties require a different point of view. Aerial, or drone photography might be that view you need.

Sometimes is nice to get the entire view of the neighborhood, what it’s like driving home from work, after the location is established then slow-motion pan showing the house. From there you can enter in the home and show all the neat features that homeowners work so hard on and unfortunately, these are not showcased very well in still photos. That is where we need smooth, slow, elegant video to show your clients.

Matterport & Zillow 3D

These tours are great for houses that are dialed in. I can 360 degree scan/capture every room and then the buyers can virtually walk through the home and look around as if they were right there. Zillow tours are a bit lower quality but they are a great add on to get more eyes looking at your listing. The Zillow 3D tour shows up right in your Zillow gallery. The Matterport is a bit more extensive. With these scans, we can get accurate measurements and sqft of any fully scanned area. Matterport gives you a lot more options with pre-set walk through videos, VR mode so you could use your Oculus, and the beautiful dollhouse look to better understand where everything is in relationship to everything else.

Rest Assured

Rest assured that working with Brandon at Everyday I’m HOVERIN’, your needs come first and I’ll do what I can to help you in any possibly way. It is also my priority to respect the properties I shoot and the clients I shoot for. My equipment is very small and compact to avoid bumping anything and to keep me mobile and moving around. This saves us all time and headache I’m sure.

All video is in 4k and all images are high resolution, including panoramas.

Ready to get started?

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