Real estate photography seems easy right?

Real estate photography seems pretty easy, anyone can do it right? Absolutely right! Please choose wisely when deciding on how you would like people to view your client’s property. Real estate photos are published on the MLS and all over social media with thousands of potential viewers. Capturing HDR photos from room to room might do the trick for smaller homes. But for larger homes with elegant details, embellishments, emaciate landscaping… you may want to really highlight those features and really give the potential buyer the most accurate representation of what it would feel like, standing in that home.

Real estate photography tells a lot of the story for you. What do the surface textures feel like, how does the light feel in the home. What are you going to see off in the distance when you ponder out your windows? These are all things I take into consideration when photographing a home for an agent. We are just trying to tell a slice of a story so that an attracted buyer will make it their own story. I am here to help you tell your story about a home the best way we can. 

I have openings! Message me any questions you might have. 

I am FAA Part 107 certified to operate UAS (drones)

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